1 Aralık 2023
1 yıl önce
UK health officials investigating possible Ebola case in Colchester - Telegraph
MSF reports 12 cholera cases in Dagahaley camp, Dadaab refugee complex, Kenya. Water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) efforts in the camps need to be ramped up to improve the current dire living conditions as more people arrive in the camps
1 yıl önce
At least one person has died, according to the CDC, and 13 others have been hospitalized
The Lebanese Ministry of Health announces the registration of 10 new cases of cholera
WHO: Lebanon is vulnerable to cholera, and this is being aggravated by the prolonged economic situation and scarce access to clean water and proper sanitation services across the country; health care system iis already strained due to the current economic and social crises,
1 yıl önce
China's Zhengzhou puts the Airport Economy Zone, which includes Foxconn's iPhone factory, on COVID lockdown
1 yıl önce
Uganda begins temperature screening at all border crossings to prevent Ebola spread
Lebanese Minister of Health: The cholera epidemic has spread from Syria to Lebanon in the absence of basic services from refugee camps
The Lebanese Minister of Health: There is an increase in cholera cases, and deaths have been recorded
MSF: There are currently 29 countries experiencing cholera outbreaks—an unusually high number including Haiti and Syria. This unprecedented rise in cases is due to climate factors like floods, droughts, conflict,forced displacement as there is often limited access to clean water
Uganda Sağlık, başkentte ilk Ebola virüsü vakasını duyurdu
1 yıl önce
WHO issues global alert over India-made cough syrups which could be linked to the deaths of 66 children in The Gambia
US says its "ready and willing" to assist Uganda with its Ebola outbreak
U.S. will redirect travelers from Uganda to 5 airports to screen them for Ebola - Bloomberg
1 yıl önce
New cases of "cholera" were recorded in northern Syria. and the "Civil Defense" warns of the outbreak of the epidemic
WHO: Controlling the cholera epicenter in Syria is not the responsibility of the Ministry of Health alone, but of all international agencies
AANES Health Board: NE_Syria's regions recorded 15 confirmed cases of cholera
1 yıl önce
China extends Covid-19 lockdown in Chengdu to continue 'assault for zero community spread'
1 yıl önce
First confirmed positive case of monkeypox virus in the Harris County jail. The male inmate was booked on 8-15-22 without complaints. In accordance with our COVID protocols, the male was placed in temporary quarantine. He was in quarantine when we learned of 1/2
Karnataka reports 1268 fresh #COVID19 cases, 1229 recoveries and 6 deaths in the last 24 hours. Active cases 10,541
A measles outbreak in Zimbabwe has killed 157 children, with the death toll nearly doubling in just under a week, according to the country's information minister
1 yıl önce
Delhi reported 1372 fresh #COVID19 cases, 1927 recoveries and 6 deaths in the last 24 hours. Active cases 7484
Biden has tested positive again for COVID19, per White House doctor
1 yıl önce
#COVID19 Delhi reported 1506 new cases, 3 deaths, and 771 recoveries, in the last 24 hours Active cases 5,006 Positivity Rate at 10
Arkansas reports four cases of monkeypox
U.S. reports 1,048 new monkeypox cases, biggest one-day increase on record
1 yıl önce
WHO calls monkeypox a global health emergency: Tedros
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Yerel ve eyalet sağlık yetkilileri Perşembe günü yaptığı açıklamada, yaklaşık on yıl içinde ilk ABD çocuk felci vakasının Rockland County, NY'de aşılanmamış bir kişide doğrulandığını duyurdu.
President Joe Biden has tested positive for Covid and is being treated with the antiviral Paxlovid, the White House said this morning in a statement
Karnataka reports 1478 fresh #COVID19 cases, 1229 recoveries and zero deaths in the last 24 hours. Active cases 7866