20 September 2021
11 residents test positive for coronavirus at another nursing home in Tulare County
Coronavirus latest: 7791 cases in Ohio; 2210 in Kentucky; 8955 in Indiana
There is a total of 644 cases connected to the plant. South Dakota
Coronavirus: San Francisco goes over 1,000 cases, reports 17th death from COVID19
1 year ago
The state of Kansas reports 68 new cases of COVID19 as of Wednesday afternoon, bringing the total to 1494 cases and 76 deaths
1 year ago
7791 cases, 361 coronavirus deaths reported in Ohio
New coronavirus numbers for Erie County. 1809 confirmed, no new deaths.
2nd Chicago firefighter dies from COVID19
10032 Marylanders have been diagnosed with Coronavirus, 349 have died
CDC estimates more than 9,200 health care workers have been infected with COVID19
At least 27 homeless people in New York City have died from COVID19, officials say. There are 460 confirmed cases among the homeless population
The total number of cases: Miami Dade: 7,863, Broward: 3,334, Monroe: 64, FL: 22081
Official GA numbers: 552 deaths (+51 from this time Tues) 14987 Confirmed COVID19 cases (+764) 2922 in hospital (+152) 64090 tests done statewide (+2295) 11Alive coronavirus
There have been at least 604,577 coronavirus cases reported across the country, and there have been at least 25,733 who have died from the virus across the country
New Jersey reports 2,635 new coronavirus cases and 351 more deaths. 71030 total cases and 3156 total deaths in state
There are 2263 cases of COVID19 in Oklahoma. There have been an additional 15 deaths since yesterday, with the death toll at 123. 1,155 Oklahomans have recovered from the virus
1 year ago
Four new deaths, 770 coronavirus cases reported in Maine
1 year ago
The UK has committed to send two British Army info ops experts to a new Nato unit that will battle disinformation about coronavirus. Ben Wallace announced Britain's participation following Nato defence ministers' video conference meeting today
WHO regrets the suspension of US funding for the organization
A sharp daily increase in Virginia coronavirus deaths — 195 reported today, up 41 over Wednesday. Coronavirus cases are at 6500, up from 6171 on Tuesday, 1048 people are hospitalized & there have been 44169 tests given
Djibouti reports 72 new cases of COVID19 bringing the total number of cases in the country to 435 with 2 deaths and 71 recoveries
The suspension of prayers in all mosques of Khartoum State for three weeks due to fear of the outbreak of coronavirus
21 New York City teachers have died from coronavirus, Department of Education said
U.S. retail sales for March plunged a record 8.7%, vs 8.0% drop expected
3 COVID related deaths have been reported in Pune
The Syrian government extends the travel ban between the Syrian governorates until May 2
1 year ago
Russia slams 'selfish' US move to halt WHO funding
1 year ago
In Belarus, there have been 447 new confirmed Covid19 cases identified in the previous 24h, bringing the total to 3,728; there have been 36 fatalities in total. Belarus is the only country in Europe with no Covid19 related restrictions in place
Pakistan Government has requested Indian Government assistance for facilitating movement of forty-one Pakistani nationals from different parts of Delhi, Haryana, Uttar Pradesh and Punjab to Pakistan
14578 cases of coronavirus in Georgia, 524 dead
94 Members of Chicago Fire Department Have Tested Positive for COVID19
Ukrainian MP Novinsky tested positive for coronavirus1 year ago
Ukrainian MP Novinsky tested positive for coronavirus
A second San Antonio Fire Department firefighter has tested positive for coronavirus
Scotland's first minister Nicola Sturgeon says 433 care homes in the country have reported covid-19 outbreaks
1 year ago
Robins Air Force Base reports 3 new cases, 2 more recoveries
1 year ago
Vietnam extends public closure in 12 provinces for 7 days to curb the spread of Coronavirus
1 year ago
Peskov: Kremlin not considers police failed with checking of permits
The European Union foreign minister expresses "deep regret" at the suspension of the US contribution to the World Health Organization
1 year ago
China's Wuhan Municipality announces its intention to resume air traffic, rail and freight services by the end of this month
These are the new data released by Spanish Health Ministry: - The total deaths are 18,579, they are 523 more than yesterday - The total cases are 177,633, 5,092 cases in the last 24 hours and after the low figures on public holidays
1 year ago
Crowd at Hovrino metro station in Moscow at 11am
Ten more patients tested positive for COVID19 in Georgia, taking the number of total confirmed cases to 306
1 year ago
Moscow mayor Sobyanin blames police in situation with crowds this morning
Big crowds in Moscow metro public transportation system as authorities ordered mandatory identification of all passengers1 year ago
Big crowds in Moscow metro public transportation system as authorities ordered mandatory identification of all passengers
Chinese Foreign Ministry: We urge the United States to fulfill its obligations to the World Health Organization
1 year ago
3388 covid19 cases confirmed in Russia in last 24 hours
1 year ago
Finland lifts Helsinki shutdown today as a first step to ease restrictions imposed by the spread of the coronavirus
Fresno County Jail confirms its first case of COVID19
Ukrainian ministry of Health reports 392 new cases of covid19, total number 3764, 108 deaths1 year ago
Ukrainian ministry of Health reports 392 new cases of covid19, total number 3764, 108 deaths
Today, @POTUS spoke with @EmmanuelMacron and "discussed efforts to defeat the coronavirus pandemic and reopen world economies. The two leaders also discussed the upcoming teleconference with G7 Leaders, as well as critical regional and bilateral issues," says @JuddPDeere45
One of the more forceful messages from @SpeakerPelosi about the @WhiteHouse response to the coronavirus pandemic
The U.S. government review of @WHO will take "60 to 90 days," replies @POTUS to today's first question in the Rose Garden
"This is an evaluation period but in the mean time we're putting a hold on all funds" for the @WHO, according to @POTUS
"The WHO pushed China's misinformation" about the coronavirus, according to @POTUS and that likely caused a 20-fold increase in COVID19 cases worldwide
"We put up by far the largest amount of money" for the @WHO, "not even close," says @POTUS, blaming @WHO for not helping to control the COVID19 outbreak
US has a duty to insist on full accountability from the @WHO which, @POTUS says, made a "disastrous" decision to oppose travel restrictions on China "as they put political correctness above life-saving measures."
"Today I am instructing my administration to halt funding" for @WHO, announces @POTUS. "Everybody knows what's going on there."
A total of 10,047 coronavirus, COVID19, cases have been confirmed in Los Angeles County, officials said Tuesday
New York City increases death toll by over 3,700 - "Officials said they were including people who had never tested positive but were presumed to have died of it."
1 year ago
An NYPD detective from Westchester has died from complications related to the coronavirus
A shipment of ventilators & other essential medical supplies procured by the @UN_Nigeria to support the Govt's COVID19 response arrived at Namdi Azikwe Int'l airport today This consignment was handed over to @Fmohnigeria & PTF Members in Abuja by the UN Resident C'rdinator today
On US military stop movement order- "We will be extended beyond that May 11th date," says SecDef @EsperDoD . Order has impacted exercises, deployments, PCSing etc. For context, DOD said ~90,000 service members were likely impacted by 1st 60 days of the order
Illinois coronavirus cases at 23247; total number of deaths 868
Gen. Milley responds to rumors that coronavirus came from a Chinese lab. "We've had a lot of intelligence take a hard look at that "."it's inconclusive, although the weight of evidence leans towards natural. But, we don't know for certain."
1 year ago
6 employees of @GazpromEN 's Chayandisnkoe gas field diagnosed with COVID19. Chayandisnkoe is one of the key fields that supply gas to Power of Siberia
Internal Los Angeles Times letter sent to 40 employees indicated 16-week furloughs that could convert to layoffs. Due to covid, "The Times has lost more than one-third of its advertising revenue and expects to lose more than half of its advertising revenue in the coming months."
1 year ago
Premier Doug Ford says "school will not be going back on May 4." That does not mean the year is cancelled, says the premier
Milley says only Navy ship with COVID19 confirmed on it is Theodore Roosevelt
1 year ago
Kazakhstan's Prime Minister Askar Mamin decided to relax COVID19 restrictions for industrial and construction companies in Nur-Sultan and Almaty from 20 April. Companies will be required to adhere to special sanitary and epidemiological regime
Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff: "Covid-19 is the enemy," Army Gen. Mark Milley says. "We are at war."
Defense Secretary Esper: 10 million N95 protective masks have been distributed, 10 million more coming
Esper: We will send medical missions to New York and other US states
Paris summons the Chinese ambassador on the background of statements related to Corona virus
Commander of the Fire Department of Rio de Janeiro has coronavirus
US coronavirus cases surpass 600,000 with more than 25,000 deaths
Face coverings mandatory at the U.S. Capitol, per new guidance from the Architect of the Capitol. This according to a Senate source. Guidance applies to everyone. Does not name them, but that would include lawmakers
1 year ago
UAE reports 3 new deaths from Coronavirus, raising its total to 28
The principal of the Palm Beach Maritime Academy has died of the coronavirus, the school announced
Total coronavirus infections in Israel rose to 12046 and deaths to 123
Cameras spotted paramedics this morning at Gateway center in Hayward, where there have been 10 reported coronavirus deaths
438 employees of the Smithfield pork processing plant in Sioux Falls, South Dakota have tested positive for coronavirus. Increase of 88 since yesterday
US COVID19 coronavirus death toll hits 24,000. Breakdown by state: New York: 10,800. New Jersey: 2,400. Michigan: 1,600. Louisiana: 880. Massachusetts: 840. Illinois: 800. California: 730. Pennsylvania: 600
Three residents and two employees at a Fairfax retirement community have tested positive for the coronavirus
COVID19 cases rise to 37 in Uttarakhand after 2 more people test positive in Haridwar district
1 year ago
Robins Air Force Base reports 3 more COVID19 recoveries, 2 more confirmed cases
San Francisco reports 30 new coronavirus cases, no new deaths. total to 987 cases
The US state of New Jersey records 365 new deaths from the Corona virus, bringing its total to 2805
Iraqi Border Crossing Council on Iranian plan to resume religious pilgrimages to Iraqi holy places: our borders are completely closed until further notice. The decision to reopen borders is up to Health Ministry
France reports 762 more coronavirus deaths, total toll 15,729: official
Health officials say New Jersey has 68824 coronavirus cases, with 2805 reported fatalities
21,518 people have tested positive for COVID19 in Louisiana, 14,624 in Texas, 2,184 in Oklahoma and 1,480 in Arkansas
WilliamsonCounty cases grow by five, bringing total to 124. Deaths remain the same at four. 72 have recovered.
The number of coronavirus deaths in New York state has climbed to 10,834, Gov. Cuomo says, with more than 770 deaths recorded in the past 24 hours
Coronavirus has claimed the lives of more than 500 Georgians, as confirmed cases in the state number more than 14,000
Louisiana has surpassed the 1,000 mark in COVID19 deaths. Here's a look at Tuesday's numbers - 21,518 cases across the state - 1,013 deaths reported - 1,977 COVID19 patients in hospitals - 5,718 cases in New Orleans
1 year ago
COVID19 deaths in Texas top 300
131 deaths in Arizona. 9 deaths in 24 hours. 3806 (known) positive cases. 104 new cases in 24 hours
6 SFMTA operators test positive for COVID19, others quarantined
Tuesday Florida: 21,367 cases, 524 deaths. Miami-Dade: 7,555 cases, 125 deaths. Broward: 3,243 cases, 78 deaths. Monroe: 64 cases, 3 deaths
1 year ago
421 homeless individuals have tested positive for the coronavirus in New York City, including 23 people who have died
April 14, there are 583,735 confirmed coronavirus cases in the US, and 23,569 deaths
"There are laws and there are facts even in this wild political environment," adds @NYGovCuomo
The WHO for Africa publishes a detailed map of the region with all the diseases and events currently existing on the continent1 year ago
The WHO for Africa publishes a detailed map of the region with all the diseases and events currently existing on the continent
Saudi Arabia records 435 new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours
The global economy is projected to contract sharply by -3% in 2020 as a result of the COVID19 pandemic, a much worse contraction than during the 2008–09 financial crisis as per the April 2020 World Economic Outlook: International Monetary Fund (IMF)
UNHCR donated today one equipped ambulance to the Zawiya branch of the Libyan Red Crescent, in continuation to our support to the health sector and in solidarity with the Libyan people during this challenging time of war and COVID19 pandemic
Coronavirus in Colorado: Right now, there are 7691 positive cases. That’s up 388 from the day before. There are 308 deaths and 1,493 hospitalizations. So far, 38,742 people have been tested.
Nearly 50 people have tested positive for COVID19 at a nursing home in northeast Oklahoma.​
1 year ago
Idaho coronavirus latest: 33 deaths, 1455 confirmed cases; Gov. Little hasn't made a decision on extending stay-at-home order
Thousands of migrant labourers hurl at Mumbai's Bandra station demanding a way back home
1 year ago
Head of Moscow church in Ukraine Onufriy says that churches will serve Easter services despite quarantine restrictions
1 year ago
Delaware health officials report 1761 coronavirus cases; 41 deaths
In North Carolina, the number of cases could surpass 5000 on Tuesday after the number rose to 4,816 on Monday.
5 police personnel injured in clashes with locals over setting up of quarantine centre in Asansol in West Bengal: Officials.
The Netherlands records 122 deaths and 868 new infections with the Coronavirus
Hays County reports first fatality from COVID19
Coronavirus updates: Cases hit nearly 800 in Bexar County
The number of confirmed cases also rose to 2971 Nevada. Washoe County reported 39 additional positive cases of COVID-19 on Monday, bringing the total number of cases to 500.
Latest coronavirus cases in Florida total 21019. Deaths 499
PresidentMuseveni extends lockdown in Uganda for an extra 21 days. All measures previously announced will stay in place
1 year ago
Coronavirus could see UK GDP fall 13 percent in 2020: watchdog
1 year ago
Singapore records 334 new cases of coronavirus within 24 hours
Lockdown extended across Pakistan for 2 more weeks until April 30th
Video: "NATO will continue to stay committed to Afghanistan with international support, with our Resolute Support mission, with training, because we believe that the best way for us to support a peace process is to continue to support the Afghans," Stoltenberg said
4 patients at St. Elizabeths Hospital dead after contracting COVID19: officials
Iran announces the increase in the number of deaths from the Corona virus to 4,683 and infections to 74,877 cases
1 year ago
2 more COVID19 deaths in Laredo; region has over 200 cases
Coronavirus Nearly 9K COVID19 Cases, 262 Deaths reported in Maryland
Illinois coronavirus update: 5 deaths reported at Stateville Prison
The Lebanese Ministry of Health records 9 new infections with the Coronavirus, and the total number is 641
More Than 80 Philadelphia Firefighters Test Positive For COVID19, Source Says
1 year ago
Morocco records 75 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of infections to 1,838 cases
Nepal cabinet decides to extend their nationwide lockdown till 27th April: Prime Minister's Secretariat1 year ago
Nepal cabinet decides to extend their nationwide lockdown till 27th April: Prime Minister's Secretariat
65 deaths; 1,594 COVID19 cases in NW Louisiana. Statewide 20595 cases, 840 deaths
Spanish health ministry reports a further 567 people with COVID19 have died taking the total number of deaths in the country to 18,056
Map: From 17:00 Police will lock down travel between towns with 44 checkpoints along the main highways in Israel. The lock-down will last until Thursday at 05:00
The Czech Republic had 6,059 confirmed cases of coronavirus infection by Tuesday morning. So far 527 people have recovered and 147 people have died
Croatia The National Civil Protection Authority confirmed 50 new cases of COVID_19 in Croatia, bringing the total number of infections to 1,650. 25 patients have died of complications of the disease, so far
The Department of Health reports record-high 53 new recoveries from COVID19 on Tuesday. As of April 14, 2020, the Philippines has a total of 5,223 cases, with 335 deaths and 295 recoveries
A total of 6,633 cases of COVID_19 have so far been confirmed in Romania, while 319 people who were diagnosed with the coronavirus have died
1 year ago
Belarus confirmed 3281 covid19 cases, 362 new cases in 24 hours. 33 deaths
Police begin to disperse prayers in Bnei Brak which violate the Health Ministry restrictions
The number of people in Slovakia infected with COVID19 reached 816 over the long Easter weekend. No new deaths were recorded and over 100 people have recovered
1 year ago
Palestine records 10 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total number of infected people to 320
7 crew members of the USNS Mercy hospital ship have tested positive for coronavirus
@AntonovCompany An-225 Mrija from China has landed in Warsaw
LATEST NUMBERS: 13621 cases of coronavirus in Georgia, 480 dead
1 year ago
Number of COVID19 cases in Moscow city increased to 13002, total in Russia 21102 and 170 deaths
1 year ago
En+ announced the death of a member of the company's board of directors, investment banker Igor Lozhevsky after a "short illness." A friend of Lozhevsky told Forbes that the financier had died from a coronavirus.
Al-Hassi: No new coronavirus cases in Libya's eastern region for the last 5 days
UAE sends to Mogadishu medical supplies to combat COVID2019Somalia as the country reports 60 cases and two death. Last week the UAE dispatched the same medical supplies to Somaliland and Puntland
Oman Ministry of Health: 6 cases of recovery and 86 new cases of coronavirus were recorded
1 year ago
270 new covid19 cases in Ukraine, total 3372, 98 death
Medical examiner confirms 55 more COVID19 deaths in Cook County
1 year ago
Afghanistan records 49 new cases of coronavirus in the past 24 hours
34 more COVID19 cases (16 in Guntur, 8 in Krishna, 7 in Kurnool, 2 in Anantapuram, & 1 in Nellore) & 2 deaths related to the virus reported in Andhra Pradesh. Total coronavirus cases in the state at 473, including 14 discharged & 9 deaths: State's COVID19 Nodal Officer
Switzerland: lowest of new COVID19 cases since March 16, active cases starting to move down
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