17 September 2021
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"The UK government's new testing chief has admitted that none of the 3.5 million antibody tests ordered from China are fit for widespread use.The tests did not pass the evaluation stage". #COVID19
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Across the Jackson Health System hospitals, we currently have 125 inpatients who have tested positive for COVID19
McMaster - "All South Carolinians must remain at home or work, unless visiting family, exercising or obtaining essential goods or services'
Joint Staff Surgeon said he's not worried about Covid_19 weapon used as a bioweapon
USNS Comfort has treated trauma patients that tested positive for Covid_19 , according to Joint Staff Surgeon Brig. Gen. Paul Friedrichs. Said patients were placed in a small part of the ship that is capable for isolating them
Atlantic County jail inmate tests positive for COVID19 hours after release from facility.
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Wall Street sources briefed by Congressional leaders and @WhiteHouse say expect next round of virus stimulus by May, and somewhere in the $1.5 trillion neighborhood. PLUS: IPOs have dried up and may not come back this year, exchange officials tell @FoxBusiness
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04/06 Illinois coronavirus update: 1,006 new cases, 33 additional deaths. TOTAL: 12262 cases and 307 deaths. 62,942 people have been tested
A fourth Fort Worth Officer has tested positive for coronavirus
Coronavirus: 37 people dead and 4,815 infected in Chile
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PM Boris Johnson moved to intensive care. Foreign Secretary @DominicRaab stepping in "where necessary."
Here are the latest COVID19 figures for California: Confirmed cases: 14336 Deaths: 343 Hospitalizations: 2,509 ICU patients: 1,085
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Texas Governor Greg Abbott is giving an update on the COVID19 response in Texas.- 85,357 Texans have been tested for coronavirus - 20% increase from the number tested yesterday - 7319 tested positive - 1153 are hospitalized - 140 deaths
Tennessee Adds 21 Deaths To Coronavirus Toll; Nashville Has 110 New Cases In A Day. Cases have gone up from 3,663 to 3802.
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Bell County reports new total of 68 positive COVID19 cases
There are at least 347,003 coronavirus cases in the country US
Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services reported five new deaths from the coronavirus and 355 new confirmed cases. The new numbers show Kansas City has 212 confirmed cases, while Jackson County has 149. Total 2722
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British media: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was transferred to intensive care unit as his condition worsened
110 more coronavirus deaths in Michigan, the largest one-day increase so far. Dead number 727. total to 17221
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Mahoning County confirms 11 new COVID19 cases, 2 new deaths on Monday
Utah has 1675 cases of COVID19 with 13 deaths.
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Coronavirus in Florida: Cases rise by nearly 1,000; death toll at 236
One new death, one new recovery, and 19 new confirmed coronavirus cases in Tulare County. 135 total cases confirmed. Six people have died. Six have recovered
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377 cases of COVID19 in Onondaga County. Fewer new cases than the past 2 days
There was a phone call today between @SecPompeo and @ZelenskyyUa, according to @statedeptspox
Prime Minister Netanyahu Announced: Israel will go into a full lockdown from 4:00 pm Wednesday until 7:00 am on Friday
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Covid19 USA: The death toll today reaches 10,217, of which 4,758 correspond to the State of New York. Those infected in the US exceed 330,000 "We are in the hardest and saddest week," said Surgeon General Adams. Trump: "You start to see the light of the tunnel"
Curfew extended to 24 hours daily in Riyadh, Tabuk, Dammam, Dhahran, Hafouf, as well as in all parts of Jeddah, Taif, Qatif and AlKhobar governorates
The Saudi Interior Ministry: 24-hour curfew in the governorates of Jeddah, Taif, Qatif, and Khobar
[email protected] Gen Paul Funk says Army will to cease bringing new recruits to boot camps for 2 weeks. This "pause" in training is not for the soldiers currently at training, which will continue training with social distancing measures
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Greater Sudbury Mayor Brian Bigger has declared a state of emergency in the city due to COVID19 Monday afternoon
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Coronavirus cases total 300 in Albany County
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New Jersey officials hold briefing as COVID19 cases climb above 41,000 and death toll tops 1,000
10,335 people have died from COVID19 in the United States
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Gov. DeWine giving updates; 142 deaths in Ohio from COVID19
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Food service worker at Casis Elementary dies after COVID19 diagnosis
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Danish PM Mette Frederiksen has announced that because covid19 in Denmark is under control, she intends to open nurseries and schools for the youngest children after Easter. She says it's the first stage of a "controlled reopening."
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1,003 deaths linked to COVID19 in NJ 41,090 confirmed cases
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Manitoba announces one new case of covid19. 204 known cases in total.
Iran's Supreme Leader Approves Leveraging Sovereign Wealth Fund To Fight Coronavirus
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THIS Officials confirm 4 employees at Charlie Norwood VA Medical Center have tested positive for COVID19
San Francisco reports 9th death from COVID19, 583 total cases
The latest numbers of cases of Coronavirus in Florida 13324 positive cases1 Jahr zuvor
The latest numbers of cases of Coronavirus in Florida 13324 positive cases
In hard-hit Louisiana, statewide deaths jumped 38.3% over the weekend, for a total of 512 fatalities. The number of diagnosed COVID19 cases in the state leapt by 44.3%, reaching 10,297
Kern County Public Health reported there are 234 positive COVID19 cases among Kern County residents
US COVID19 coronavirus deaths by state: New York: 4,750. New Jersey: 910. Michigan: 610. Louisiana: 475. California: 350. Washington: 340. Massachusetts: 230. Florida: 230 (source @JohnsHopkins)
The number of COVID19 cases in Oklahoma is up to 1327 today. That's 75 new cases. There are also an additional 5 deaths, bringing the death toll up to 51.
Conscription halted for three months in north and east Syria due to the coronavirus
In one on one interview Premier Ford tells Ontario will run out of personal protective equipment for health care workers in one week. US stopped shipment from crossing the border yesterday1 Jahr zuvor
In one on one interview Premier Ford tells Ontario will run out of personal protective equipment for health care workers in one week. US stopped shipment from crossing the border yesterday
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Officials in NYC preparing to bury the city's mounting coronavirus corpses in local parks
Iraq announces three new deaths from the Corona virus and 70 additional cases
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Palestine records a new infection with the Coronavirus, raising its total infection to 253 cases
120 new COVID19 positive cases and 7 deaths reported in the state today; the total number of positive cases in Maharashtra is 868, 52 deaths: Maharashtra Health Department
22 year old Coronavirus case who was supposed to be quarantined in Netanya, made his way to Meah Shearim, Jerusalem and was arrested there by police
Janet Yellen says second-quarter GDP could decline by 30% and unemployment is already at 12%-13%
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Norway says that the spread of the Coronavirus is under control on its territory
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German Chancellor: The European Union faces its greatest challenge since its founding
Increase of 704 COVID19 cases & 28 deaths in the last 24 hours, the biggest rise so far in India; India's positive cases at 4281 (including 3851 active cases, 318 cured/discharged/migrated people and 111 deaths): Ministry of Health and Family Welfare
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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has told Sky News a total of 10 workers on London's transport network have died "in the past few days" during the COVID19 lockdown
Total COVID19 coronavirus cases in @DeptofDefense passes the 2,500 mark 2,528 current & recovered with 6 deaths 457 new cases for active military since Friday
Milwaukee County at 45 confirmed deaths from COVID19. Total 1,270 positive cases in the county
New Coronavirus case announced in Libya today – brings country's total to 18
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UAE Ministry of Health: 277 new cases of coronavirus were discovered, bringing the total to 2,076 cases
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US Department of State: Thailand: The Civil Aviation Authority of Thailand has extended its prohibition on all international commercial passenger flights until 11:59pm on April 18
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Prime Minister's spokesman says Boris Johnson remains under observation in St Thomas' hospital in London and "has a temperature and a cough"
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VDH: 2878 COVID19 cases confirmed in Virginia
As of Monday morning, the number of positive coronavirus cases in San Bernardino County is 372 with 13 deaths
More people at LagunaHonda Hospital in San Francisco diagnosed with coronavirus continues to rise. 14 people have tested positive - 11 staffers and 3 residents.
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UAE Health ministry: A new death was recorded because of the Coronavirus, bringing the death toll to 11
Latest coronavirus cases in Florida. Total positive cases 12350. Deaths 2211 Jahr zuvor
Latest coronavirus cases in Florida. Total positive cases 12350. Deaths 221
Indiana coronavirus:about 4411 COVID19 cases, 127 deaths
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Coronavirus updates: COVID19 cases surpass 400 in Bexar County
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10th security officer at Orlando International Airport tests positive for COVID19, TSA says
COVID19 cases by state Monday AM: 123,000 New York. 37,500 New Jersey. 15,700 Michigan. 15,100 California. 13,000 Louisiana. 12,500 Massachusetts. 12,300 Florida. 11,500 Pennsylvania. 11,200 Illinois
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Seventh Dallas Firefighter Tests Positive Coronavirus
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New Jersey reports 37505 coronavirus cases; 917 deaths
If a coronavirus positive person spits on any person, then, he/she will be charged with attempt to murder. If the person who has been spat upon dies, the coronavirus positive person will be charged with murder: Himachal Pradesh DGP SR Mardi1 Jahr zuvor
If a coronavirus positive person spits on any person, then, he/she will be charged with attempt to murder. If the person who has been spat upon dies, the coronavirus positive person will be charged with murder: Himachal Pradesh DGP SR Mardi
France could experience its worst recession since 1945 in 2020, says the Minister of Economy
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State of São Paulo faces dengue, measles and H1N1 amid the coronavirus crisis
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Lebanese Ministry of Health: 14 new cases of Coronavirus were registered, bringing the total number to 541
Erbil records 41 new cases of coronavirus, most related to Karezan funeral
Department store chain Debenhams is on the brink of collapse after bosses confirmed it has filed a notice of intent to appoint administrators affecting around 22,000 workers
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Iran records 136 new deaths from the Coronavirus within 24 hours, bringing the total to 3,739 cases
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Malta calls for strong EU support to Libya amid fighting and COVID19 threat
Hong Kong's Court of Appeal will hand down the judgement on controversial anti-mask law coming Thurs PM, which will also shed light if govt can invoke emergency power under the Emergency Regulation Ordinance1 Jahr zuvor
Hong Kong's Court of Appeal will hand down the judgement on controversial anti-mask law coming Thurs PM, which will also shed light if govt can invoke emergency power under the Emergency Regulation Ordinance
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Putin and PM of Armenia Pashinyan in a phone call discussed coronavirus
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Austria is first European country to set an 'exit plan' and announce it will start lifting its lockdown starting smaller shops on April 14th and All shops by May 1st: Public gathering will be banned until June
Spain moves up to 135,032 Coronavirus cases and 13,055 dead
Iranian Foreign Ministry again calls on the United States to lift the sanctions
Iranian Foreign Ministry: Tehran has not and will not ask for help from the United States in dealing with the Coronavirus
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There were 24 new covid19 diagnoses in Hong Kong, 18 people had traveled abroad, and 5 of them returned to Hong Kong from Peru by special plane
Coronavirus in the Republic of Moldova: Igor Dodon convenes the Supreme Security Council
COVID19 cases in PH up by 414; total at 3,660
The Kuwait Ministry of Health: register 109 new infections with COVID19, bringing the total casualties to 665
Georgia to manage mild cases at home, PM Giorgi Gakharia has said. 'Our main goal is to gradually be ready to manage mild cases at home as well as [increase] the efficiency of fever clinics ', said Gakharia1 Jahr zuvor
Georgia to manage mild cases at home, PM Giorgi Gakharia has said. 'Our main goal is to gradually be ready to manage mild cases at home as well as [increase] the efficiency of "fever clinics" ', said Gakharia
8 Baltimore Police department employees have tested positive for coronavirus. Another 219 are self-quarantining.
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Japan PM Abe begins preparations for emergency declaration over coronavirus
The Ministry of Interior Affairs in the Kurdistan region of Iraq extends the comprehensive curfew until further notice
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604 cases of covid19 coronavirus confirmed in Kazakhstan
In Abu Dhabi, helicopter flying with banner "stay at home"
Polish Prime Minister: We are still at the beginning of confronting the Coronavirus, and we expect that its peak in the country will be during May and June
The US Forces Japan commander has announced a public health emergency for the Kanto Plain region, Japan's most populous area which includes Tokyo, amid the escalating novel coronavirus outbreak: "Due to the steady increase in COVID19 cases in the Tokyo area"
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4484 cases of coronavirus recorded in Moscow
99 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in Poland. A total of 4201, 98 deaths, 162 people recovered
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Belarus Ministry of Health reports 700 total covid19 infection cases, 13 deaths. Added 138 cases and 5 deaths in 24 hours
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Tiger at Bronx Zoo in New York City tests positive for coronavirus
Ukraine has 1319 confirmed COVID19 cases, 38 deaths
Beginning his remarks, @POTUS expresses well wishes to @BorisJohnson, suffering from COVID19, who has been taken to hospital
"This is an all-out military operation that we've waged" against the coronavirus, noting that federal disaster declarations have been declared for all 50 states and that's very unusual, says @POTUS
Tomorrow, 600,000 additional N95 masks will be delivered to NYC public hospitals and 200,000 to Suffolk County, says @POTUS
"I hear him complaining all the time," says @POTUS of @GovPritzker, adding "he has not performed well."
Federal medical station being established in Washington, DC, according to @POTUS
38 new positive COVID19 cases in KY and 5 new deaths. Total cases = 955. Total Deaths = 45. Total recovered = 306 Total tests given = 18,767
The number of Coronavirus cases in South Carolina more than 2000. Four more people have died, including a person in Beaufort County, bringing the number of virus-related deaths to 44. South Carolina is one of nine states without a stay at home order
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More than 2200 confirmed cases of COVID19 recorded, 68 dead
Delcy Rodríguez: 4 new cases of Covid-19 were registered in the last 24 hours for a total of 159 throughout the national territory
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Queen Elizabeth II: We thank the medical staff who are facing the Corona virus
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Queen Elizabeth II: I hope that we will be proud of the coming years the way we have faced this challenge
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An inmate at Statesville Correctional Institute in Joliet died of coronavirus, according to health officials
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"Together we are tackling this disease," says the queen
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A 71-year-old man died late Saturday night at a Hialeah hospital after falling ill with the coronavirus while on a cruise aboard the CoralPrincess, authorities said
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Two workers at a Chicago-area Walmart store have died from the novel coronavirus, the company confirms
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[email protected] says they have a lot of info to share today. 1,057 total positive cases in Erie Co. 26 people have died. 167 recovered. 864 in isolation. 1,980 in quarantine. 201 in hospital. 105 in ICU.
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This comes after the district was notified that a staff member tested positive for COVID19
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NassauExecutive Laura Curran reported 13 new coronavirus-related deaths Sunday in the county, for a total of 162
New Jersey COVID19 cases top 37000, new data shows; 917 total deaths to date
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Two infants in Collier County test positive for coronavirus
Health officials in Orange County reported 75 news cases of COVID19 and one additional death on Saturday.​
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Coronavirus in Georgia: COVID19 cases increase to 6383, deaths to 208
state leaders reported 3125 Confirmed cases of coronavirus in Maryland
5276 people have tested (positive) for COVID19, 165 have died in CT
Durham County reports first COVID19-related death, 182 cases in the county
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155 Case of Coronavirus on USS Theordore Roosevelt
COVID19 coronavirus US cases by state, Sunday AM: 114,100 New York. 34,100 New Jersey. 14,200 Michigan. 13,900 California. 12,500 Louisiana. 11,700 Massachusetts. 11,500 Florida. 10,500 Pennsylvania. 10,300 Illinois (data from @JohnsHopkins)
11736 cases so far, 216 deaths reported - New first responder testing site at Gillette Stadium - Testing for all residents/employees at Soldiers Home in Chelsea - Third MA inmate death
Sunday coronavirus updates: Tennessee reports 3321 cases
Actress and author Patricia Bosworth has died from complications of the new coronavirus. She was 86
A third inmate in MA prisons has died from coronavirus prompting officials to limit inmates' movements inside state prisons.
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38-year-old Sgt. Jose Diaz Ayala Florida deputies die from COVID19. the number of positive cases in the state topped 11500
20 deaths, 905 COVID19 cases in NW Louisiana. Total 12496 cases, 409 deaths
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New Jersey reports 34124 coronavirus cases; 846 deaths
Philippines confirms 152 new COVID19 cases; total at 3,246
207 new cases of SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus infection in Poland. 3,834 cases, 84 deaths
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Coronavirus In New York: State Sees Jump Of 10,841 New Cases In Single Day, 113704 Total
Kurdistan's Health Ministry reports 18 new Coronavirus cases in Erbil
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Maui County mayor confirms 2nd positive COVID19 case on Molokai. This person came in direct contact with first Molokai resident who tested positive
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2 South FL deputies dead from coronavirus: Police, firefighters say they are fighting 'invisible enemy'
Israeli forces arrest the Jerusalem governor after storming his house in Silwan
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536 new COVID19 infections in Moscow in last 24 hours, total number increased to 3893
Head of the Israeli army's Central Command (West Bank) enters quarantine after being in contact with a confirmed Covid_19 case
Tokyo confirms more than 130 COVID19 cases, again surpassing single-day record
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1 worker killed in fire at construction site of new temporary coronavirus hospital near Moscow
1251 COVID19 cases confirmed in Ukraine, 32 deaths
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Mayor of London Sadiq Khan has tweeted he is "absolutely devastated" to hear five London bus workers have died after contracting covid-19 and has called for Londoners to "please follow the rules" of the covid-19 lockdown, adding "lives depend on it"
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Queens Priest Dies Of COVID19. Father Gioacchino Basile was Pastor at St. Gabriel Church in Elmhurst.
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