20 September 2021
Trump: "There's going to be a lot of death in the coming weeks. A lot of death."
[email protected] Mike Pence says the federal government is sending 100 ventilators to MA to help fight COVID19
Trump denies Germany's accusations of piracy of the United States over a shipment of masks
1 year ago
Ukraine registered 1225 COVID19 infections cases. 32 deaths
"The cure cannot be worse than the problem itself. We got to get our country open," repeats @POTUS
U.S. President Donald Trump says 1,000 military personnel are being deployed to New York City
U.S. President Donald Trump says the U.S. will be adding thousands of soldiers and military personnel to help states across the country
Sánchez: "Our society is not the same as it was three weeks ago"
1 year ago
NHS England says a further 637 people have died from COVID19 in England bringing the total to 3,939
UAE's health ministry announced on Saturday 241 new coronavirus cases in the country, an increase that the ministry said was due to its proactive testing
Pakistan Temporarily Opens Borders With Afghanistan1 year ago
Pakistan Temporarily Opens Borders With Afghanistan
Ukrainian team of 20 doctors arrived to Italy today to help fighting with the coronavirus. They will work in the central Marche region1 year ago
Ukrainian team of 20 doctors arrived to Italy today to help fighting with the coronavirus. They will work in the central Marche region
Adnan Al-Zarfi for Sky News Arabia: Iraq is going through a disaster and the government may not be able to secure all salaries
The total number of patients with coronavirus in Moscow rose to 3357 people1 year ago
The total number of patients with coronavirus in Moscow rose to 3357 people
1 year ago
In Ukraine, 1096 cases of COVID19 coronavirus infection confirmed. 28 deaths
NBC News: FDNY Deputy Chief Inspector Syed Rahman has died as a result of COVID19, the department says. The news comes as approximately 1 out of every 4 FDNY EMS member is out on medical leave tonight, that's 24% of the more than 4,000 total EMTs and paramedics, the FDNY says
[email protected]: the US-led Coalition "provided ~ $1.2 million worth of supplies for COVID19 prevention efforts & detention operations in Al-Hasakah and Al-Shaddadi, in northeastern Syria, March 27, 2020
Hydroxychloroquine "looks like it's having pretty good results," according to @POTUS
1 year ago
First case of COVID19 confirmed in the Falkland Islands. The patient was admitted from the Mount Pleasant Complex - the British military base, a Falkland Islands government statement said. Base also home to contractors, civil servants and family of military personnel
DR Congo will be one of the countries where COVID19 vaccines from U.S, China and Canada will be tested beginning in July - says Jean-Jacques Muyembe, head of DRC's agency leading the pandemic response
Grand Princess cruise ship crew member dies of COVID19 at hospital
Coronavirus cases in US surpass 265,000, with 6,762 deaths. Highest state case totals: New York: 102,863. New Jersey: 29,895. California: 11,160. Michigan: 10,791. Louisiana: 10,297. Florida: 9,585. Massachusetts: 8,966 (As of April 3, 1 p.m. ET)
Four residents at a Midlothian senior care facility have tested positive for COVID19
Llano County reporting 3 coronavirus cases
The reporting agency says it made a mistake in listing an 11-year-old child as having died from coronavirus. That did actually happen
A pregnant woman and a child under the age of 2 have tested positive for COVID19 in Kanawha County. Officials also say Kanawha County now has 50 confirmed cases of COVID-19.
1 year ago
Wyoming County reports 15 confirmed coronavirus cases
Three more deaths reported in Alameda County Coronavirus
Brooke Baldwin becomes second CNN anchor to test positive for coronavirus
20 Broward Sheriff's Office employees test positive for coronavirus, sheriff says
As of Friday, two people have died and a total of 173 people tested positive for COVID19 in Kern County
Williamson County reporting 71 confirmed coronavirus cases, including 1 death
San Francisco reports 47 new cases of COVID19, nears 500 total
GovMurphy, New Jersey is up to 29895 confirmed COVID19 cases, adding 4372 in Friday's tally, with 113 newly reported deaths bringing the state's total to 646 coronavirus-related deaths
1 year ago
Christopher Cross announces that he has tested positive for COVID19
HealthyOklahoma — There are 988 cases of COVID19 in Oklahoma & the death toll is up to 38
The number of coronavirus cases in Arizona has spiked to 1769, with 41 coronavirus-related deaths as of Friday
As of Noon Friday, a few hours before Georgia begins a shelter-in-place order, there are 5831 reported COVID19 cases. At least 184 people have died, and there have been more than 25,000 tests performed.
Kenya Airways pilot has died of COVID19 after piloting final repatriation flight from the U.S
Letter sent from @RepEliotEngel to @VP calling for the US to restrict the export of personal protective equipment amid a growing domestic shortage
"Not one single person has been infected with the novel coronavirus in our country so far," North Korea says
2nd Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 just landed at Batajnica AFB,Serbia1 year ago
2nd Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 just landed at Batajnica AFB,Serbia
1 year ago
The daughter of Aimee O'Rourke has confirmed the 38-year-old NHS nurse who worked at the Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother Hospital in Margate in Kent has died after testing positive for COVID19
Tokyo governor Yuriko Koike thinks "the central government is ready to make a state of emergency declaration" as Hokkaido University's Hiroshi Nishiura predicts 'explosive surge' in coronavirus infections if Japan doesn't start tough restrictions.
1 year ago
Passing of Auxiliary Police Officer Lynford George Chambers. He was an honorable Auxiliary Police Officer assigned to the 113 Precinct. Mr. Chambers died of complications from COVID-1
Cases of COVID19 in Virginia as of Friday morning. Total 2012 cases. Total 46 deaths
Willacy County confirms one additional case of COVID19. As of April 3, the Rio Grande Valley has 144 confirmed cases
1 year ago
On Sunday, the message of Queen Elizabeth II, said Buckingham Palace
COVID19 cases by state Friday AM: 92,700 New York. 25,600 New Jersey. 11,100 California. 10,800 Michigan. 9,100 Louisiana. 9,000 Florida. 9,000 Massachusetts. 7,600 Illinois. 7,300 Pennsylvania
Latest COVID19 coronavirus testing stats for the US: 1,288,000 tests conducted. 241,000 positive tests. 1,046,000 negative tests. 33,000 hospitalized. 5,800 deaths (data from state/territory sources, Friday AM)
3M told by White House to stop sending U.S made ventilators to Canada and LATAM. 3M opposes move saying it would lead to "retaliation"
Cannot 'precisely quantify' coronavirus impact on US job losses in March: Labor Dept
NYCSanitation Commissioner Kathryn Garcia says 240 workers have tested positive for COVID19, but 11 have since recovered. There are over 92000 confirmed cases of COVID-19 in New York, with nearly 52000 in New York City
A six year old child dies in Kenya due to complications from coronavirus, authorities say. The child had other ailments according to @NationBreaking. Kenya also reports 12 new positive Corona Virus cases, bringing the total cases to 122, per local media
Israel announces that the death toll from the Corona virus has risen to 39
There are now 3828 positive cases of the coronavirus in Colorado. Ninety-seven people have died, and 710 have been hospitalized. So far, 19,788 people have been tested statewide.
3 Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 planes(of 11) with medical equipment and specialists heading to Serbia to support in the fight against coronavirus1 year ago
3 Russian Air Force Ilyushin Il-76 planes(of 11) with medical equipment and specialists heading to Serbia to support in the fight against coronavirus
Netherlands records 148 deaths and 1,026 new infections with corona virus
1 year ago
British PM Johnson says still ill with coronavirus, will continue isolation
1 year ago
The British Prime Minister calls on the British people to commit to staying home during this period
A crew member from the GrandPrincess cruise ship dies of COVID19 in a San Francisco hospital.
1 year ago
Norway reports 273 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 5,208
Five new deaths in St. Louis area among rising coronavirus cases. Missouri is officially reporting more than 1800 hundred cases this morning. There have been at least 26 deaths so far in Missouri.
As of Friday, there are more than 2,800 confirmed cases of coronavirus and 74 deaths in the Bay Area.
1 year ago
Latvia reports first death of a COVID19 patient – health ministry
Reporters Without Borders @RSF_en accuse Algeria of using coronavirus to 'settle scores' with journalists that covered the anti-government protests
1 year ago
New 4,000-bed field hospital opens in London to receive covid19 virus cases
453 cases in Kazakhstan. 5 more infected in Almaty (2) and SKO (3).
Switzerland announces the number of deaths to 484 and infections to 19,303 people with COVID19 on its soil
1 year ago
Russian Ministry of Defense on help to Serbia: 11 aircraft flights to transfer personnel and equipment. In total, 87 military personnel, special medical equipment, protective equipment and 16 units of military equipment will be delivered to Serbia
COVID19 press conference of Minister of Health, Nelu Tătaru: Up to this time, 3,183 people have been confirmed with the new type of coronavirus in Romania. 281 people are declared cured. There are 3 outbreaks of infection: Suceava, Arad and Deva
1 year ago
351 covid19 infections cases in Belarus
COVID19 prevented a large welcoming ceremony for the Russian ships and their crews in Cape town, South Africa
1 year ago
The United Nations Mission in Afghanistan confirms that one of its staff members was infected with the Corona virus
Ethiopia announces 6 new cases of COVID19 infection, raising the total number to 36
1 year ago
The Kremlin: President Putin will hold a meeting on global oil markets with major Russian oil companies today
Iranian Ministry of Health: coronavirus death toll rises to 3 294, cases to 53 183
Door to a Ultra-Orthodox synagogue in Jerusalem was smashed open after it was locked by the the synagogues staff
These are the first commercial flights allowed out of Erbil since the Iraqi Civil Aviation Authority issued a ban on March 17 in an attempt to curb the spread of coronavirus
Spanish Ministry of Health confirms a total of 10,935 deaths because of coronavirus after adding another 932 deaths in the last 24 hours. 7,472 new infections, total reaching the figure of 117,710. There are 6,416 patients in the ICU and 30,513 have already recovered.
Apple tells staff US stores to remain closed until early May
1 year ago
German government: Merkel ended her self-isolation period and returned to work today
1 year ago
3rd-grade teacher in Brooklyn is 1st reported NYC teacher to die of COVID19
15 deaths reported at Norwood nursing home, report says
COVID19 numbers as of April 3, 5:30 a.m. EDT from Johns Hopkins University: 245,213 cases in the U.S. 5,983 deaths. 9,090 recovered.
4 more coronavirus deaths in Montgomery County; 10 nursing homes reporting cases
DC, Maryland and Virginia coronavirus cases near 5000
Florida 9008 positive cases of COVID-19 in the state and a new death toll of 144
1 year ago
There are 189 confirmed COVID19 cases in Kyiv
Iran coronavirus death toll rises to 7065
Lebanese Ministry of Health: Register a new death from the Corona virus, bringing the number of deaths to 17
The total number of Coronavirus infections in Belgium rose to 16,770
Hong Kong records 43 new coronavirus infections, bringing city's tally to 845
Michigan has become a hotspot for the coronavirus as health officials reported 80 more coronavirus deaths and 1,457 new cases on Thursday
1 year ago
Eight medical teams with medical equipment, as well as a unit of specialists at the Russian Chemical Safety Laboratory are ready to be transferred to Serbia - Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation
Iraq announces 9 new COVID19 infections in Najaf
World Bank approves $40 million loan to Lebanon to strengthen govt response against coronavirus outbreak; country under equipped,limited resources; health sector already strained &setting back efforts in fight against poverty;concerns poor and refugees will be hit; needs immense
1 year ago
6th COVID19 positive case of Odisha detected in Cuttack with recent travel history to Delhi: Department of Health & Family Welfare, Government of Odisha
1 year ago
The husband of Areema Nasreen has confirmed the 36-year-old NHS nurse who was believed to have had no underlying health conditions died last night after testing positive for COVID19 two weeks ago
1 year ago
Palestine records 10 new cases of coronavirus, bringing its total to 171 cases
6 new cases of coronavirus in Tasmania, state total is now 80
1 year ago
A service member at NAS Lemoore has tested positive for COVID19, the air station said on Thursday
Kuwait reports 75 new cases of coronavirus, bringing the total to 417
The Philippines records 29 deaths and 385 new COVID19 cases
Tokyo Governor says city is on the verge of a major outbreak & situation is worsening. Number of daily coronavirus cases has more than doubled in one week. Tokyo has 120 hospital beds left for coronavirus patients. An epidemiologist warns Tokyo could be 'the next NYC.'
New York City residents urged to cover faces as COVID19 cases almost hit 50000 . There have been a total of 1562 deaths so far
203 new cases of coronavirus infection (SARS-CoV-2) in Poland. A total of 3149 cases, 59 deaths
1 year ago
Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong announces 1-month shutdown starting next Tuesday (7th April), says most workplaces, except for essential services and key economic sectors, to be closed. #COVID19
COVID19 cases jump to 879 in OK, 4 new deaths reported
About 40 JPSO employees test positive for COVID19, sheriff says
About 40 JPSO employees test positive for COVID19, sheriff says
North Carolina reports nearly 300 new COVID19 cases, 7 new deaths. North Carolina now has more than 1800 reported cases of coronavirus, with 16 deaths.
A man in his 50s is the third resident to die from COVID19 infection at the Frontier Health & Rehabilitation home in St. Charles.​
The total number of positive COVID19 cases in Wisconsin rose past 1800 on Thursday, April 2, with 37 deaths in the state.​
5444 cases of coronavirus in Georgia, 176 dead
Video of Police enforcing the lockdown in Bnei Brak after it was designated a restricted area
Israel announces that the number of infections of the Coronavirus has increased to 7,030
1 year ago
Ukrainian Ministry of Health confirms 942 cases of coronavirus infection. 23 deaths
1 year ago
601 new cases of coronavirus confirmed in Russia. 4149 total
State officials said Thursday that there are 147 confirmed cases of coronavirus in Alaskans. They also discussed projections for the future and the latest in tools and equipment being used by local healthcare providers
27 new cases of Coronavirus were recorded in Morocco, bringing the total to 735
A Washington man was arrested for violating Hawaii's mandatory 14-day quarantine order
1 year ago
German FM Warns NATO of 'Disinformation' During Coronavirus Crisis
First Oregon prison inmate tests positive for COVID 191 year ago
First Oregon prison inmate tests positive for COVID 19
1 year ago
2 additional inmates test positive for COVID19, Harris Co. reports
1 year ago
Houston area holds majority of state's nearly 4700 confirmed cases 70 people dead
Two NHS Nightingale hospitals are to be built in Bristol and Harrogate, NHS England has announced
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