23 July 2021
The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia temporarily suspends the entry of citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries to Makkah and Madinah, due to fears of an outbreak of the coronavirus
Lufthansa to reduce flight capacity by up to 25% due to coronavirus spread
1 year ago
Chief medical officer Professor Chris Whitty says a further patient in England has tested positive for COVID-19 coronavirus and the illness was passed on in the UK
New York City says it is unable to reliably test for coronavirus: "The kits that were sent to us have demonstrated performance issues and cannot be relied upon to provide an accurate result" - ProPublica
1 year ago
Canary Islands authorities say six Britons have left the hotel in Tenerife which has been quarantined due to COVID-19 and 232 guests are still inside
French Minister for the Armed Forces: several cases of coronavirus confirmed at the Creil military base1 year ago
French Minister for the Armed Forces: several cases of coronavirus confirmed at the Creil military base
Google confirms an employee in Zurich office has tested positive for coronavirus. Statement here: (Google not saying where employee is now)
France announces 57 cases of coronavirus
At least 210 coronavirus patients have died in Iran - far more than officially admitted - Iranian health sources tell BBC
1 year ago
Lebanon records a new case of the coronavirus
821 are infected in Italy with Coronavirus. The new data was provided by Commissioner Borrelli during the Civil Protection conference. The number also takes into account the 21 victims - 4 more than yesterday - and some patients recovered
1 year ago
Fourth case of coronavirus in Lebanon confirmed: Rafik Hariri University Hospital source. The patient is a Syrian national
First case of coronavirus in Almeria.
Lebanese Minister of Information: We will raise the level of preparedness to counter the outbreak of the Coronavirus
WHO raises risk assessment for coronavirus to "very high" at global level
WHO Director: Very concerned about the increased rate of corona virus infections number in the world
WHO Director: The total number of coronavirus infections outside China has reached 4,351 people in 49 countries and 67 deaths
Bahrain announces the registration of two new cases of the coronavirus, bringing the number of infections to 38
1 year ago
Quebec health minister advises temporary halt to tranditional greetings, says people should stop shaking hands, greeting each other with double kisses to prevent potential spead of coronavirus
Coronavirus patient transferred to San Mateo County. according to the San Mateo County Health Department, meaning that the person returned from traveling abroad.
1 year ago
Iceland reports first case of coronavirus
Spain has 32 confirmed COVID19 cases and 29 of the patients have history related to an area of outbreak but three patients' transmission history is unclear
The Russian Embassy in Tehran announces the suspension of its consular services
Stocks plunge again at the U.S. open. S&P 500 Index drops below 2,900
Mexico reporting its first two cases of Coronavirus. -35yo man in Mexico City, recently returned from Italy -person in Sinaloa who is "seriously ill"
China Southern Airlines suspends flights connecting Guangzhou, Changsha and Nairobi, Kenya until further notice due to the "decreasing volume of passenger flow" - news reports
Hong Kong added 1 more COVID19 case and bring the total number to 94
[email protected] confirms the first case of coronavirus, of a young patient in the INER, while waiting for the results of a second person who was in contact with the first; They also examine a third case of a Mexican in Italy
"The press was covering their hoax of the day," @MickMulvaneyOMB says of coronavirus reporting, telling CPAC2020 that media thinks it'll bring down @realDonaldTrump
2 new cases of COVID19 in Romania, 3 in total until now. One of them in Timisoara
1 year ago
British passenger of the Diamond Princess cruise ship dies of coronavirus - Kyodo
California woman with unknown origin of coronavirus is in serious condition
Malaysia recorded 2 new cases of COVID19, bringing the total number of cases to 25. One patient is a Japanese woman who started having symptoms after a trip to Indonesia, and the other guy is an Italian who started having symptoms after returning from Italy
In the almost deserted Milan airport of Linate, military medical personnel take passengers' temperatures to check for coronavirus. Tourist arrivals & hotel bookings severely down. Italy has highest numbers for the virus in the Western world1 year ago
In the almost deserted Milan airport of Linate, military medical personnel take passengers' temperatures to check for coronavirus. Tourist arrivals & hotel bookings severely down. Italy has highest numbers for the virus in the Western world
1 year ago
South Korea reports 3 more deaths from coronavirus, death toll rises to 16
The Department of Health - Abu Dhabi announces that it has taken all necessary preventive measures, in cooperation with the relevant competent authorities, to ensure the safety and health of guests of two hotels in Abu Dhabi, who were considered to be in contact with the two cases of Covid 19 virus infection that were discovered yesterday
Abu Dhabi Health: Applying quarantine on contact with the two persons who have Coronavirus from the Italian team
Hong Kong: Dog tested positive for coronavirus quarantined
1 year ago
Azerbaijan announces registration of the first infection with the coronavirus
1 year ago
A spokeswoman for Germany's health ministry says there are almost 60 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the country
Coronavirus: New cases of infection reported in Baden-Württemberg
Iran coronavirus's death toll rises to 34, 388 people infected: Health minstry spokesman
Bahrain: 3 citizens who arrived from Iran confirmed infected with coronavirus
1 year ago
A woman was diagnosed with the coronavirus in Diemen near Amsterdam. She has no link with the first patient, a 56-year-old man from Loon op Zand
1 year ago
Several sources say that the Hong Kong govt has chartered at least one Cathay Pacific @cathaypacific and three Cathay Dragon @dragonair flights to bring those Hong Kong residents stranded in Wuhan, epicentre of the COVID2019 outbreak, to Hong Kong in early March
1 year ago
Two more UK patients, believed to be from London, test positive for coronavirus bringing total to 19
1 year ago
The Federal Council prohibits any public demonstration gathering more than 1000 people until March 15 at least.
The main German share index the DAX falls by more than 5 per cent to 11,743.16 points over coronavirus fears
1 year ago
15 infected and over 100 people in quarantine: Federal Councilor Berset provides information on the current situation in Switzerland
1 year ago
Switzerland announces the suspension of all major events in anticipation of the Coronavirus outbreak
France records a new infection with the Corona virus in the southern city of Nice
1 year ago
President @lopezobrador_ said that if there is a suspicion of a case of coronavirus on the MSC Maraviglia cruise ship in Cozumel, he will be treated immediately, because they cannot be denied help, since that would be "inhuman"
1 year ago
Israel records a new case of coronavirus
Hokkaido, Japan (population 5.2 million) issues an emergency declaration in response to coronavirus and calls on people to not go out this weekend
3 arrested over assault and robbery case in Queenstown, drugs seized
1 year ago
Tokyo Disney Resort and Universal Studios Japan will be closed for at least 2 weeks to prevent the spread of coronavirus - NHK
Covid-19 in Croatia - two new patients: one in Zagreb, the other in Rijeka - contracted from the first and third infected - have been in isolation hospital for the last few days
Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, on Friday urged the Federal government and Nigerians to unite in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19.1 year ago
Femi Fani-Kayode, former Aviation Minister, on Friday urged the Federal government and Nigerians to unite in the fight against the deadly Coronavirus codenamed COVID-19.
1 year ago
South Korea confirms 315 new coronavirus cases, or 571 today; total of 2,337 cases
Kuwaiti Ministry of Health: Two cases were recorded infected with Corona virus
Lithuania confirm her first case today and the person come from same Italy
Iranian Parliament Presidency: Four parliamentarians have been infected with the Corona virus
1 year ago
Student from Iran of BNTU university in Minsk, was confirmed infected with Coronavirus
Coronavirus cases in Taiwan rise to 34 with two more cases confirmed1 year ago
Coronavirus cases in Taiwan rise to 34 with two more cases confirmed
COVID19 Current situation in Malaysia on Feb. 28 1. Two new cases, the 24th case being treated in HKL and the 25th being treated in Hops. Sg Buloh. 2. Government imposes temporary restrictions on tourists from South Korea. 3. Immigration special counters for visitors from Japan, Italy and Iran
Coronavirus: First case of virus in New Zealand. The person - who is in their 60s - is in a stable and improving condition in Auckland City Hospital, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said. Had been to Iran and flown back to New Zealand via Bali.
1 person in New York City being tested for coronavirus, health officials say
1 year ago
Japan reports a new death due to coronavirus in Wakayama Prefecture; the fifth in the country, plus 4 from the Diamond Princess cruise ship
1 year ago
Malaysia: Temporary restrictions on all visitors from the Republic of Korea, including foreign nationals who have been in the city of Daegu and Cheongdo district within 14 days prior to arrival in Malaysia. This includes visitors who transit Malaysia
1 year ago
Thailand reveals that the number of cases of coronavirus has risen to 41
The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed a coronavirus(Covid-19) case in Lagos State Nigeria. The case which was confirmed on 27/02/2020 is the first case to be reported in Nigeria since the beginning of the outbreak in China in January 20201 year ago
The Federal Ministry of Health has confirmed a coronavirus(Covid-19) case in Lagos State Nigeria. The case which was confirmed on 27/02/2020 is the first case to be reported in Nigeria since the beginning of the outbreak in China in January 2020
Coronavirus: First cases detected in Hamburg and Hessen
1 year ago
First coronavirus case detected in Germany's Hamburg, local officials say
US intelligence agencies monitoring coronavirus global spread and ability of governments to respond, with special concerns about how India would cope with a widespread outbreak, reports @Reuters
1 year ago
Airline Jet2 says it will not "fly any customer" who has stayed at the H10 Costa Adeje Palace Hotel in Tenerife during the quarantine until they have been cleared of Covid-19
Iran recorded 25 new COVID19 cases, increasing the total number of case to 270. The country has also recorded 26 deaths
1 year ago
First coronavirus infection in Netherlands. Infected patient admitted to hospital in Tilburg
Fifth coronavirus case confirmed in Kirkuk - MoH
Flu deaths rise to 11 in Kern County Bakersfield
There are 28 confirmed cases of the coronavirus in California, according to Governor Newsom
The Minister announces a sharp increase in coronavirus contamination cases which is now 38 people in France
First case of coronavirus has been reported in Northern Ireland
Governor Newsom says there are 33 confirmed positive coronavirus cases in California. 28 people are being treated in the state (5 have moved out). 8,400 people being monitored
Italy reports 127 new cases and 3 new deaths, raising country's total to 655 cases and 17 dead
Another five people in Sweden have been found infected by the new corona virus, says the Public Health Authority. Three people in Västra Götaland, one person in the Uppsala Region and one person in the Stockholm region.
1 year ago
Three new corona virus cases in Norway. Two of the people live in Oslo and are linked to the outbreak in Italy. The third person is a resident of Bærum and is linked to the outbreak in Iran.
1 year ago
Germany announces 14 new cases of coronavirus in the town of Heinsburg
Facebook cancels developers conference due to coronavirus - AFP
364 Sciences Po students isolated for 14 days at home
1 year ago
The Kuwaiti army suspends the study in colleges and military schools for two weeks, as of March 1, fearing the spread of Corona virus
Italy announces the death of 3 new people infected with coronavirus, bringing the total number of deaths to 17
Fairfield schools wiping desks after local case The Fairfield-Suisun Unified School
1 year ago
UAE suspends travel with ID cards for its citizens and citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council countries
KRG close the Semalka border-crossing with Syria due to coronavirues threats
1 year ago
New case of infection with the Coronavirus in Oman related to the travel to Iran
Two new confirmed cases were reported in Hong Kong today. Both patients have been at Fu Hui Jingshe Buddhist Temple in North Point.
The 89-year-old female patient was initially diagnosed at North Point Buddhist Temple is at Queen Elizabeth Hospital
The Lebanese Ministry of Health announces the registration of a new infection with the coronavirus, bringing the number of cases to 3
Iran recorded 104 new COVID19 cases on Thursday, bringing the total number to 245. The country also added 4 more deaths, bringing the total number to 26
WHO: It is wrong to believe that any country is immune to the transmission of the virus to its territory
WHO: We have reached a crucial point on Corona virus
Senior cleric Khosrowshahi, who was once Iran's ambassador to the Vatican dies in hospital of coronavirus
Oil in New York is down ~4%, to the lowest since the beginning of the year. It's currently on track for a 12% drop this week
22y.o Elham Sheikh, a futsalist died of coronavirus in Qom. The first Iranian athlete to die because of the virus
Iranian Vice President for Women Affairs infected with coronavirus
1 year ago
Occupation authorities in South Osetia says that they will close "border with Georgia" cause of coronavirus
California's latest patient with coronavirus was admitted to hospital on February 19 but was not tested for days because of CDC's narrow testing criteria, officials say - NYT
1 year ago
Coronavirus cases in Germany rise to 26 after 10 new infections were recorded
A 22-year-old girl who had traveled to Milan, is the third coronavirus case in Catalonia
Head of the Civil Protection of Italy Angelo Borrelli with updated data: there are 37 people cured in Lombardy; 14 dead; and there are currently 528 positive cases in Italy
French President Macron on coronavirus: "We have a crisis before us. An epidemic is on its way"
1 year ago
Two new cases of coronavirus in Madrid, of people who would not have traveled abroad, bringing number of cases to 14 in Spain. In Andalusia, a 62-year-old man, admitted to the Virgen del Rocío Hospital in Seville, is the first case of infection in Spain, since he has not traveled to any country at risk.
1 year ago
2nd case of coronavirus infections in Greece, it is first patient child
China: temperature controls in the Shanghai subway to detect passengers with fever, a symptom of the coronavirus
The Iranian Ministry of Health calls on the Iranians to avoid domestic travel
Iran: coronavirus death toll reaches 26
1 year ago
First case of coronarvirus in Israel, a man who recently returns from Italy
1 year ago
The headteacher of Burbage Primary School in Buxton has told Sky News the school is closed because a pupil's parent has tested positive for covid-19
Japan's Prime Minister Shinzo Abe orders all schools to shut from March 2 on coronavirus fears, TBS reports
1 year ago
Coronavirus in Switzerland: The canton of Graubünden reports two confirmed cases. The people were hospitalized. 4 total cases in Switzerland
Map by @IrnaEnglish shows extent of coronavirus infections in Iran
1 year ago
Re-infection (SARS-CoV-2) in Japan. The infected woman obtained a positive result on January 29, her condition improved, on February 3 she obtained a negative result, her symptoms returned again, on February 26 she obtained a positive result
Chairman of Iran parliament's National Security and Foreign Policy Commission Mojtaba Zonnour tests positive on CoronaVirus. Zonnour who is representative of Qom in the parliament has confirmed this in a video message, saying he is in quarantine
China's education authority decided to postpone the self-taught higher education exams, which were originally planned to be held in April
1 year ago
Britain announces the increase in the number of infections with the Coronavirus to 15 cases
The head of the National Security Committee in the Iranian parliament Mojtaba Dhul Nur, has been infected with the Coronavirus
Macron visits a hospital in Paris in which a French citizen died of the Coronavirus
1 year ago
South Korea announces the increase in the number of coronavirus cases to 1766
Geneva, Switzerland confirms its first case; 2nd in the country
1 new coronavirus case in Valencia, Spain
Bothell High School in Washington state to close Thursday due to virus concerns
California resident first coronaviurs case of unknown origin in the US, health officials confirm
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