5 Dezember 2023
Karnataka reports 839 fresh #COVID19 cases, 913 recoveries and 2 deaths in the last 24 hours. Active cases 6398
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The WHO in a recent report cited figures of the Ministry of Public Health saying that "a total of 1,036 people were killed, 2,949 were injured, and 4,500 homes were damaged (fully or partially) in Paktika and Khost provinces" from the recent earthquake
Karnataka reports 816 fresh #COVID19 cases, 703 recoveries and zero deaths in the last 24 hours. Active cases 5180
With 5 monkeypox cases in Broward, community leaders host an emergency town hall
Beijing tightens Covid restrictions again over 'ferocious' bar cluster
US official: Biden lifting pre-departure COVID19 testing requirement for international travelers to US effective Sunday
Sacramento County Public Health says they are investigating a possible case of monkeypox within the county. They say this is related to a patient's recent trip to Europe.
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World Health Organization: Monkeypox has so far been reported from 11 countries that normally don't have the disease. WHO is working with these countries & others to expand surveillance, and provide guidance. There are about 80 confirmed cases, and 50 pending investigations. More likely to be reported
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Taiwan's Navy confirmed Tuesday that a second warship has been hit by a COVID19 outbreak within a week but insisted that the outbreak would not affect the vessel's combat readiness
North Korea reports 8 more deaths, issues with medicine supply amid Covid outbreak: KCNA (state media)
Der nordkoreanische Führer befiehlt die Mobilisierung von Soldaten, um die Medikamentenversorgung zu stabilisieren: staatliche Medien
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Yoon offers to send COVID19 vaccines to North Korea: spokesperson
North Korea confirms its first-ever COVID19 case and declares a "serious emergency", with leader Kim Jong-un ordering lockdowns across the country
NATO-Generalsekretär @jensstoltenberg testet laut seinem Sprecher positiv auf COVID19
#COVID19 Karnataka reports 171 new cases, 121 recoveries & zero deaths, in the last 24 hours; active caseload stands at 1,945
In Shanghai, the authorities sent people who tested positive for Covid to makeshift quarantine camps. It didn't matter that some of the people have recovered from the infection and have tested negative
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Kuwaiti Oil Minister: OPEC is following the increase in Coronavirus infections in Chinese cities and the possibility of supply disruptions
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World Health Organization: Hepatitis infections were in 20 countries, and we are verifying 50 cases
Karnataka reports 111 fresh #COVID19 cases, 76 recoveries, and zero deaths, in the last 24 hours. Active cases 1,815
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Delhi reported 1,485 fresh COVID19 infections, 1,204 recoveries, & zero deaths, in the last 24 hours. Active cases rise to 5,997; positivity rate at 4
Karnataka reports 126 fresh #COVID19 cases, 76 recoveries, and 2 deaths, in the last 24 hours. Active cases 1,785 Positivity rate 1
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China reports first human case of H3N8 bird flu
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A second Ebola patient died in northwestern Democratic Republic of Congo, the World Health Organization said, just days into a fresh outbreak of the deadly disease
Shanghai reports 51 new coronavirus deaths, the biggest one-day increase on record
China reported 18,502 cases. Shanghai with 17,629 cases & 1,931 symptomatic cases and 95% of all cases. Shanghai launched a new round of city-wide testing and warned residents that their three-week lockdown will only be lifted in batches once transmission has been eradicated
Karnataka reports 61 fresh #COVID19 cases, 49 recoveries, and zero deaths, in the last 24 hours. Active cases 1,499 Positivity rate 0
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Taiwan reported 1210 new local COVID19 cases, with New Taipei City's 410 cases being the highest among all cities and counties in Taiwan. The trajectory of the current outbreak is still going up at the moment
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Police in Shanghai have been contacting residents and warning them not to speak to the foreign media about the city's Covid situation saying this is a violation of laws and regulations
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Four months after they experienced a lockdown, citizens in China's Xi'an are once again experiencing another wave of COVID19-related restrictions as the number of local cases in Shgnahai remains high
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The Chinese city of Xi'an decides to impose a partial closure to confront Coronavirus